Tofu and Vegetable Stir Fry with Udon Noodles

1 19 Oz Package of firm tofu
1 Package of udon noodles
1 Cup snow peas
1 Cup of broccoli florets
1 Cup of bean sprouts (white)
1/2 Cup sliced zucchini
1/2 Cup sliced Italian squash
1/4 Cup white onion
1/2 Cup of stir-fry sauce, preferably Spicy Szechuan if you want to heat things up!
2 Tbsp of peanut oil

Heat peanut oil in the bottom of a medium to large wok. We usually use 3/4 of the 19 Oz package of tofu, it is really personal preference add as much as you like! Cut tofu into roughly 1/2 inch cubes and – when the oil gets hot – add tofu to the wok (take care to not splash oil). Cook tofu for about two minutes and then add vegetables, stirring all ingredients together. Continue to stir and slowly add stir fry sauce making sure to coat everything evenly. Cover wok using a wok cover or a regular pasta/soup pot cover to create some steam that will cook the vegetables, cook with cover on for about 3 minutes. Temporarily transfer the contents of the wok to a bowl and add peanut oil to the wok and prepare to heat the udon noodles by removing from the package and separating the strands as best as possible without breaking. Add noodles to the wok and cook on a medium-high temperature for 1 min; add additional stir fry sauce to noodles if desired. Once the noodles are warm, add the original ingredients back to the wok and stir everything together thoroughly. Heat all ingredients together for a few minutes and your are ready to serve.

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