Boiled Artichokes

2 Medium or large artichokes

Take care to snip the spikes off of the leaves by cutting off the very tips. Also cut the stem off of the artichokes, and be sure to level the cut so that the artichokes will sit flat in the bottom of the pot. Push down on the top of the artichokes slightly to open up the internal leaves slightly.

Place the artichokes in a pasta pot and fill the pot with water until the level covers roughly 2/3 of the artichokes. Turn the heat to medium-high and bring to a steady boil for 45 minutes or until tender and leaves can be easily pulled from the base. Cooking artichokes is an inexact science that varies based on size of the artichokes, so as you approach the 45 min pull leaves to see how done they are. Remember, practice makes perfect so fire up artichokes as often as you can and be sure to check out our favorite Lemon Basil Curry Aioli for dipping. Another option is a basic garlic and melted butter dipping sauce.

Boiling Artichokes
Boiling Artichokes

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