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The move is done!

Sorry for the time away, but we have moved our HQ from San Diego to San Francisco. We are very excited about the move and everything has been falling into place slowly but surely. Many thanks and big love to all of our friends, restaurateurs and supporters in San Diego; we will miss you, but trust that we will be back often to check on you. Keep it locked on here at for a fresh set of recipes and some images from our adventure getting out of SD and into SF. We will also be checking out our new friends in the bay area and posting some of our discoveries.


Ideas on Food Photography

We're just over a month into this venture, and we've received some great feedback along the way. Almost everyone has expressed their appreciation for the photographs that accompany the recipes. So many people are used to the stark world of just an ingredient list and brief description - you're on your own.

We've tried to include as many photographs as possible to document the process of the recipes and help visualize portions. The goal of this site after all is to make food accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Our next goal would be to improve our photography, and I like this article describing the styles of food photography. I don't see us getting too crazy, but we're always looking to improve!


Flash Back – Taste Technologies Article from Malcolm Gladwell

This week we're adding a new category specific to condiments and sauces that we use frequently and classify as "favorites". In celebration, we thought it was appropriate to share an article by Malcolm Gladwell in the New Yorker Archives.

The article shares a number of examples in American history where market research and taste tests have yielded varying results; the analysis of the ingredients tested, however, sheds more light on the possibilities for these results, particularly the physiological reasons. Malcolm Gladwell has a wonderful ability to relate these stories and to turn data from market research into revealing conclusions about us - the American consumer.

The Ketchup Conundrum - Mustard now comes in dozens of varieties. Why has ketchup stayed the same?

Please check back with us this week as we reveal our favorite condiments and 'go-to' sauces, and please tell us about your favorites so we can include them and expand our options!


Spread the word on fresh food

This week's revelations based on the New England Journal of Medicine's report that reduced consumption of sodium may positively impact on life expectancy has created a troubling sense of defensiveness in many kitchens. Specifically, the study notes the impact on future cardiovascular disease and the chronic conditions associated when sodium is reduced by a consistent amount - 1/2 teaspoon - and the data backs up this assertion.

The wide exposure of these results is the source of defensiveness by some individuals, because many people believe that moderate use of salt in cooking is reasonable and responsible. I agree with that assessment, but I think that people should use their position to bolster the results of this study and promote the fact that preparing fresh meals significantly decreases your exposure to sodium as a preservative rather than defending their right to salt to taste. Michael Ruhlman makes an effort today, but I still feels it falls short. People lucky enough to realize the healthy benefits of meals prepared with fresh ingredients need to spread the word without the elitist attitude.

People who know how processed food compares to fresh food need to be inclusive and support public health by changing perception that fresh meals aren't a ton of work. Every day I drive past the neighborhood fast food joint and take note of the line for both counter and drive-through; there is always a line and the place is open 24 hours a day! When I see that line I just hope that people begin to wean themselves off the fast food and get familiar with fresh food. It is based on that idea that we launched this blog; simply as a place to index recipes where anyone can come through and search for a meal that sounds good. Weekday or weekend, you will be able to look here for recipes that fit the time you have while being wholesome and healthy.

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